How long does it take to process an order? 

Before noon, it's typically the same business day. After noon, it may be processed that day or perhaps the next morning. It depends on how late you order and what the particular order entails.

When will my order arrive? 

Unless your item(s) have a lead time, we typically ship out the day after the order is processed. Depending on your location, the average transit time is no more than a week. Keep in mind - some items do have a lead time, especially FILTERS. Make sure you order BEFORE you need them.

Do I get tracking information? 

Yes! As soon as we ship out your order, we e-mail you your tracking info.

Do you sell powder coating items that aren't on your website? 

If you don't see an item you need, feel free to call and ask. Also, don't be shy to leave any suggestions. We love feedback. 

How do you come up with your pricing and how does it compare to other online stores? 

We have been selling powder coating consumable products online for nearly 20 years - twice as long as anyone else. We have developed relationships with top manufacturers which allow us to get the best possible product at the best possible pricing. We include freight with our items. This enables us to provide an overall cheaper shipment and faster processing time. Although some online may have some products that are cheaper, you should take a strong look at the quality. ALL ITEMS AREN'T CREATED EQUALLY! If you want to know the difference- call us at 888-358-3444. We will be happy to explain.